The joys of maintaining a website

By | 10th December 2018

A few teething problems over the weekend with the site showing dire warnings from Google, but hopefully its settled down now.

Although I don’t collect any personal or financial information on the site, that all takes place in the checkout which is part of Paypal’s website, I thought it best to implement a secure server so customers would feel comfortable when visiting the site as they would see the secure padlock icon next to the address bar.

Unfortunately, as the internet is a loose collaboration of individuals and companies independently maintaining computers around the world, whenever you do something like this you have to wait until all of the computers that keep the internet going have finished talking to each other and updating files before it all works as it should.

I think there are still some far corners of the globe where isn’t accessible, but for the U.K., mainland Europe and the U.S.A. I think its now working properly.