Paul DuffieldTraditionalFishingFloats.co.uk is the internet outlet for floats made by Paul Duffield, author of several books on fishing and the countryside.

Paul’s books are available both in print and electronic format from Amazon.co.uk.

About Paul in his own words:

I was born in Oxford, but spent most of my childhood further north in the West Midlands. I am currently based in Devon in the south west of England, but still have a particular fondness for the Warwickshire and Worcestershire countryside.

I became interested in nature at a young age and spent a lot of my free time and holidays out in the fresh air walking and fishing with friends, an interest that has led me to write several books on fishing and the countryside.

Simple Quill FloatI made my first fishing float when I was 12 years old, a crude affair made from a small bird quill, similar to the one pictured. I used it for trotting single maggots and casters on a tiny river that among the minnows contained surprisingly big chub.

As well as writing and making floats, I collect and restore vintage fishing tackle. I like to fish with cane rods, centrepin reels and quill floats and when I’m not working I like nothing more than to spend a few hours on a country stream fishing and watching birds, butterflies, and other wild creatures in their natural environment.